The Museum is housed in a Neo-classical manor house designed by Ludwig Bogochwalski. Since 1970 the building is managed by the Polmos Distillery.
    The minor house from 1833, the old seat of the chief administrator of the Łańcut Estate, later the offices of the board of directors of the sugar plant, became a residential building in 1925.. After the World War II, the workshops of the Agricultural Mechanic's High School were located here. The building was considerably damaged by improper use during this period .
    In the 1993-94 the management of the Polmos Distillery, working in association with the Castle Museum in Łańcut and Museum of Interiors of factory Owners' Mansions in ŁódŸ, decided to restore the manor's furnishing to create an impression of their former appearance, and to arrange an exhibition which would reflect the grandeur of Count Alfred Potocki's Privileged Factory of Liqueurs, Rosolios and Rum.
    Substantial funds, reconstruction work and other resources were needed to convert the rundown building for its
    use as a museum, including the renewal and repair of the manor's architecture, looking for exhibits and the source researching. The work has been based on surviving documents and photographs depicting the liquor distillery from the times of Potockis.
    The collection includes period furniture and tapestries. The exhibition illustrates the development of the factory and its everyday life. Photographs, old documents, certificates, labels, bottles (sometimes with very sophisticated shapes), price lists, measuring vessels, tasting glasses, old machinery from Łańcut and from other Polish distilleries are on display. The production processes are illustrated by models. All these exhibits - the witnesses of the pas - telling us the factory's history in the best way. About its successes on international displays, fairs and its participation in Łańcut city's life.
    The windows of the Museum are adorned with the stained-glass coat-of-arms of the two families who were important in the history of Łańcut: the Lubomirskis and the Potockis. An office containing furniture from the late
    19th century has been arranged, with photographs, illustrating important visits of state officials to the Distillery.
    The walls of interiors are full of portraits of the Potockis family members - the copies of those displayed in the Castle Museum in Łańcut. Among the exhibits are those illustrating the history of other Polish distilleries.
    The exposition is completed by the collection of currently produced vodkas.
    The Museum is surrounded by a beautiful park. Two white benches at the front invite visitors to sit down and rest. Nearby passes another working day of Polmos Łańcut - one of the most modern factory in Poland. And once again tradition and the past meet the present time.

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